Valentine’s Day Challenge Clash of Clans easy way to 3 star

A new challenge Valentine’s Day Challenge is introduced in Clash of Clans on the occasion of  Valentine’s Day. You have to Beat the Challenge and have to get 3 Stars.
Valentine's Day Challenge Clash of Clans easy way to 3 star, Games Mantra
Clash of Clans Valentine’s Day Challenge

As its the month of February, the month of Love the game is also themed for Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air but we can often be fooled by love.  Who doesn’t like a heart shaped base? you guessed right everyone loves it. This heart shaped base is designed for valentine’s day theme. You get Town Hall 15 inside waiting  for the troops. You do not get a big army but the number of Heroes gives us an upper hand. Valentine’s Day Challenge in  Clash of Clans can be completed by using our instructions given below. Rewards offered are not too lucrative but there is no harm at least. With the given extra resources one can get 380 -400 XP and 20 Gems also a Hero Potion.

The Trap Don’t Fall for it

The valentine’s day challenge is made in such a manner that players  think that it is easy to destroy the base without much effort, but it is not. Players are easily trapped and So, the best way to beat this is to plan your strategy and have light hands, as you watch your troops wreak havoc on enemy.

How to beat the Valentine’s Day Challenge in Clash of Clans

The first thing you have to do is to switch your Grand Warden from Air to ground. You have to do this before starting your attack. You will find town Hall 15 located at the top corner of the base to the right side of  heart shaped walls. The town Hall is maxed Out and is very dangerous. Although the location of the town hall looks a bit week but If you are planning to start the attack from that corner of the base,  I would suggest you not to do that.

Location Of Town Hall

Maxed out Town Hall 15 deals with the damage and takes down most of your troops. We already have a smaller army so this is very important to save them and get most of the output. Super Archers play a very crucial role in the game at this point.  Super archers play a very significant role in taking the Town Hall down as they can hit from a long range without getting in the range of Town Hall.

Placement of the Super Archers

On the left and right side, parallel to  Town Hall there are two Elixir Storages, very close to the Town Hall. In the exact middle of each storage deploy two Super Archers. Town Hall will come in the range of Super Archers and they can easily take it down within minutes. You can also add an extra super Archer and take down Elixir Storage with the Town Hall.

You can follow the same process for the other defences. Especially the Scattershots as their splash damage deal with lot of damage. Place them at a safe distance from the defence so they do not come in the range of defence, basically on the edges of the maps. You can use same strategy  for Monoliths as they also cause lot of damage.


You also get five earthquake spells. You can use them to break down the walls. If the Super Archers have taken down the defence and Town Hall. Use each spell wisely one near defence cluttered area, one near town hall  where there is invisibility spell tower and one each near the Scattershot/Infernos and to take down the Monolith as well.

Barbarian King

There is a Tesla on the top right corner of the base, you can take it down by using the Barbarian King or a Golem with the Super Archer. Once you reach close to clearing the defences you can deploy two Golems and behind the Golems place the heroes and the Super Archers.

The troops will be exposed to the range but do not worry about that as the Archer Queen and her sisters will take care of it. When you enter the base you should use Barbarian kings abilities before he gets connected by single target infernos. Use your warden ability when the barbarians distract.

If the plan goes off the track you can use other hero’s abilities to clear the challenge.

Thats it, follow above process to complete the Valentine’s Day Challenge in Clash of Clans.



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