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A mature 3D visual novel about sisterhood, motherhood, grief and survival.

At 36, junon’s life is in pieces : her career has stalled , she’s emotionally numb, and her personal life falling apart. Things come to a head when she’s called to the ER to find her estranged mother in a critical. this is the most important day of junon’s life , and unless something changes , it might be her last.

Relive the Past

Experience Junon’s memories and piece together the story of her past.including the topic secret that lies at its centre.

Alter the present

use your understanding of junon’s trauma to change how she navigates the day ,unlocking new dialogue options and helping broken relationships.

Embrace the future

When you’re at rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up. Help junon find peace with herself

And discover the humor beauty and hope that lie even on life’s bleakest days.

As video game time loops, the wreck’s endlessly repeating car crash has to be one of

The worst fates to get stuck in .sure, it’s not quite as bad as death by exploding sun ‘in outer wilds,

Say, but when each crash in also accompanied by Heroine junon reliving a harrowing memory from

Her past that she’’ll need to sort through and analyses before she is able to move on with her her life I reckon that one two punch of sudden physical trauma and deep. Emotional soul bearing is probably just about on par with having skin and muscle seared off your own bones by honking great supernova. you know figuratively speaking.

Then again calling the wreck a time loop game is not entirely accurate. Really , it is a 3D visual novel with a clear start, middle and end but it is one that borrows the form and structure of looping memories to elegantly excavate junon’s personal history as she tries to get a better understanding of her past and present. It is more like a series of little time loops in miniature and they are all building up to junon making a single , life changing decision that will have far-reaching consequences for her future.

And what a decision it is too certainly not one you ‘d want to make lying down and yet that’s where we find junon at the start of this terrible day day : on the floor on a nasty hospital bathroom having just found out her mother’s hospital care-an agreement that never took place in person but rather by her mum forging her daughter’s signature on the hospital forms.

Unsurprisingly, junon’s not best pleased about this . she has a difficult relationship with her mum, or Marie as she prefers to call her , and she can’t figure out for the life of her why she’s been entrusted with such a responsibility . not when her mum’s spent the better part of junon’s adult life berating nearly every single decision she’s ever made, from her choice of career as a struggling screenwriter to her own style of parenting . it is a dilemma junon will spend the rest of the day trying to work out and how she an estranged daughter with heaps of her own emotional baggage to deal with, much of which is directed solely towards her mother can possibly determine what’s right or what Marie would have wanted.

As with any kind of good therapy, junon’s soul searching begins with a lot of talking first with the doctor and then with members of her close family diane her ex- husband alex and so on this dialogue mostly plays out automatically , but at certain points you can also choose to hear junon’s internal monologue by selecting large words that crop up around her environment . these interior thought’s often add extra flavor to the real life chats junon’s having at that particular moment but they can also bleed through and break into conversation , informing a handful of reponses you are able to pick from at certain moments.

Some words you won’t be able to click on at all , with them disappearing just as quickly as you have glimpsed them . at these points junon will get flustered and angry and she will flee the scene in anger getting into her car and driving off, triggering the next phase of her time looping memory trawl . Out on the road she will repeatedly swerve to avoid hitting a deer , crashing her car and sending the possessions in her bag flying in front of her face. As time slows to a crawl, each of these objects lets her explore a distinct memory from her past and once she’s examined it in full , time resets back to where she was . now armed with renewed emotional fortitude  she is able to confront the words that escaped her earlier and steer the conversation in a more fruitful productive direction.

Sure there’s a certain level of artifice involved in the way junon’s able to dwell on certain thoughts and memories mid conversation, endlessly analysing and mulling over different perfectly formed responces while the other person’s sitting there waiting for an answer, but the overall presentation still feels natural and organic. This is thanks in no small part to shartlit deyac’s spirited performance as junon.

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