The Utopia of an Alternative World: Atomic Heart

Atomic heart is an adventure role –playing action game with a closed world, which takes place in an alternative soviet union of 1955.Science, equality and fraternity are the main symbols of freedom in this reality. But what kind of effort does it take to build an ideal society? And what is the price of such a society? Will major of intelligence “P-3” have to find out what forces are behind the utopian dream? And what secrets are hidden in the depths of facility 3826? The truth will have to be paid in blood.

A global system failure happens at the soviet facility No.3826 that leads machinery to rebel against the people. You are major p-3 and your task is to eliminate the consequences of a large scale accident and prevent the leakage of classified information threatening to destroy the whole world.

Atomic heart is a single player first person shooter developed by mundfish and published by focus entertainment and 4 divinity. The game was released for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, windows, Xbox one, and Xbox series x/s on February 21, 2023. The game received generally positive reviews upon release. However, it has been the subject of controversy over its alleged Russia links.

Atomic heart is a fist person shooter video game with role playing elements. Te combat consists of shooting and slashing with improvised weapons. A wide variety of enemies are featured, which may be mechanical, biomechanical, biological, and some of which are airborne. A crafting system allows the player to piece weapons together from metal parts that can be detached from robots or taken from household appliances. Weapons can be upgraded via a mechanic called “cassettes”. Ammo in the game is scare, and there is a stealth option. Quick time events are featured in the game. The player wears a special glove, the polymer glove, which grants powers such as telekinesis , freezing, and electricity to defeat foes. Its powers can be combined with both melee and ranged weapons.

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