The Top 10 Most Interesting Loot Locations On Livik Map For PUBG Cellular

The Top 10 Most Interesting Loot Locations On Livik Map For PUBG Cellular

Top 10 Most Interesting Loot Locations On Livik Map For PUBG Cellular
Top 10 Most Interesting Loot Locations On Livik Map For PUBG Cellular

PUBG Cellular has recently released the 0.19.0 update for the game’s latest season 14. The update introduces the first unique Nordic-style Livik map overlaying a 2 km space with 52 players and 15-minute matches for a faster, extra-intense experience. We are going to show you the Most Interesting Loot Locations On Livik Map For PUBG Cellular.

The brand new map now has blended landscapes that water our bodies all around and excessive centralization of loot, which signifies that no one has to go up on good loot due to the spots they land in.


Being an icy floor on the sting of the Livik map, Iceberg is a captivating little city on the northeastern entrance. The locality holds buildings and options for a big church within the centre, the place where huge loot is provided. Nevertheless, people usually discover what they want from the surrounding city buildings. Furthermore, it makes it considerably precarious on the subject of entering the zone. Most of the time, the world is in the direction of the inside, and it’s very difficult to show it again to the outside.

  • High-Quality Loot:- Excessive
  • Loot Amount: Very Excessive
  • The danger of Getting Shot: Low to Medium

The waterfall, which is located on the map’s southwestern edge, is probably the most talked-about highlight of the best loot spots on the Livik Map of PUBG Cellular. This nice space features a three-level waterfall with a stream skiing straight up. In this manner, players can use stream skis from the top of the waterfall and travel three levels down. There is also a shrouded area just behind the waterfall with some good loot.

Energy Plant

Likewise, for those who want to get their arms on some degree 3 safety and higher ARs instantly after they land, this locality has the best potential. Nevertheless, due to the nice loot, quite a few people usually drop right here. Additionally, many of the booties are inside one monumental construction, so you’ll seemingly encounter different gamers while looking for good loot. The perfect guess would be to loot and get out of the world quickly after looting, utilising the automobile’s exterior. However, be cautious because there will almost always be gunfights near the scene within the vast environment.

  • High-Quality Loot:- Excessive
  • Loot Amount: Medium
  • The Risk of Being Shot: Excessive
East Port

East Port is at a higher altitude for you when the flight path is far away from Iceberg. The place seems fairly similar to Rozhok, and the gamers will see a giant warehouse on the hill for the time being when they land within the space.

There is a ship that spawns all the time close to the coast that could be helpful to the gamers who need to return to the play zone without partaking in any fights. although it’s distant from the core of the map.

  • Loot High quality: – Low Medium
  • Loot Amount: excessive
  • The risk of being shot is moderate.

Holdhus covers an amazing territory of the map, cut in two by a street. It has a storage and manufacturing unit surrounded by structures and compounds. This zone gives extraordinary loot and is among the many great loot spots on the Livik map of PUBG Cellular. However, players should exercise caution when dropping right here because the loot is frequently highly contested.

Scorching Springs 

The Scorching Springs is located on the northeast facet of the map, with highlighted swimming pools of sizzling water. The best part about these pure aquifers is that they gradually heal you as long as you stay in them. So in case you are low on therapeutic objects, it could be an excellent idea to go over there. Nonetheless, you are vulnerable to being picked off, so heal yourself there at your own risk.


Blomster is one other location that can be superb for a touchdown. It’s on the northwest corner of the map and consists of small buildings and a few small homes.

For those who prefer to use assault rifles as their primary weapon, the situation may be favourable. After a touchdown in the situation, assault rifles are easily discovered. The space also contains a significant amount of ammo for the gamers’ assault rifles.

  • High-Quality Loot:- Medium
  • Loot Amount: excessive
  • The risk of being shot is moderate.

On the head of the slope, there may be a gap that provides access to a pool of water beneath. Inside is a vast open area modelled after ancient Roman ruins. This location provides a slightly “thriller” area loaded with loot. However, be cautious about others who might come after you from the crest of the opening, as they’d have the peak opportunity to shoot. Moreover, simply north of the Aqueduct is a spawn spot for a monster truck.

Ruined Church

On an island on the southern fringe of the map is another ruined church. Nonetheless, this one is, by all accounts, destroyed. Although it’s unclear why it’s in such a state, it was most likely burned down by a Black Steel band for their album cover in the 1990s. Provided that the map is predicated on the Nordic areas, this may very effectively be the case.


Midtstien is essentially the most appropriate location to loot within the Livik Map. This space has a bunch of buildings and condos. Being located in an open zone, this is the best spot for daring gamers. Moreover, quite a few decorations had been seen arriving in this area for the primary battle.

Coming to the loot issue, it gives higher loot in comparison with many different areas on the map. So, get yourself a firearm and start bringing down adversaries earlier than they run inside. Additionally, keep an eye on your opponents’ touchdowns and surges before they have a chance to fire at you. Nevertheless, after clearing out one, you may quickly run for the next. However, be cautious about tips, as individuals regularly stow away on the second floor of buildings.

That was a short glimpse at the top 10 greatest loot spots in the Livik map of PUBG Cellular. The Livik map accommodates many extra-thrilling areas; however, that’s for another article. For more information about PUBG Cellular’s newest updates and contemporary guides, keep tuned to our website,




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