The Play Online Video Games with Good Robot: games mantra

The Play Online Video Games with Good Robot: games mantra
The Play Online Video Games with Good Robot

The Play Online Video Games with Good Robot

Good Robot is a 2016 multidirectional shooter game developed and published by Pyrodactyl games. The game was released for Microsoft windows on April 5, 2016.


Good robot is a shoot ‘em up. Players assume the role last good robot of pyrocorp fighting on procedurally generated levels against the defective robots that decided to exterminate humanity. For each destroyed robot the player earns money that can be used for upgrades or to buy hats that grant invulnerabilities for one hit.

In 2013 , Shamus young made a prototype of a 2D shooter inspired by titles like descent. However young decided to cancel the project in 2014. The following year pterodactyl contacted him to finish the game . the game was released on april 5, 2016 on steam. It was also planned to be released on but it was rejected. alinux version was also in the plans but it was cancelled on august 3, 2020 arvind raja yadav from pyro dactyl games released the source code for the game under the MIT License on Github .

Good Robot received mixed reviews according to the reviews aggregation website metacritic IGN India gave it a score of 8/10, criticizing the lack of local multiplayer and an arcade mode.

Join Dr Eleanor drage and dr Kerry mackereth as they ask the experts: what is good technology? Is it even possible? And how can feminism help us work towards it?

The Concept

We use the concept of the ‘Good Robot’s a provocation for thinking about whether good technology is even possible but also as a route for guests to imagine different ways of doing or making technology. We approach the concept of feminism broadly and encourage guests to explore what they understand feminism and feminist practices to be. Some of our previous guests have included Wendy chun Jason Edward Lewis rosi braiddotti jack halberstam anne anlin cheng and N. Katherine Hayles.

Listen now on apple spotify or wherever you get your podcasts! you can also find a reading list and a full transcript of every episode at our website. We love to hear from listeners so feel free to reach out to Kerry and / or Eleanor if you have any thoughts about the podcasts or ideas for episodes!

The Good Robot Podcast is made possible through the generous support of Stiftung Mercator and was previously made possible by Christina Gaw.

Navigate procedurally generated labyrinths that provide a different challenge every time.

Use a vast range of weapons, from the reflecting laser and plasma mortal to the classic shotgun and exploding bouncing Frisbee.

Customize your killbot with an upgrade system guaranteed to improve termination efficiency. or you can just waste all of your money on buying hats.

Compete for high scores on global leaderboards and with your friends.

Trace amounts of dystopian humor.

The Plot

In 2031, unchecked pollution meant humans could no longer survive on the Earth’s surface. Fortunately, Pyrocorp saved the world by building massive underground cities with an army of intelligent robots.

Everything was fine –untill one day the robots went bananas and killed all humans. To avert a public relations and stock market nightmare pyrocorp rests its final hope on you –the only remaining good robot.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are powerful and can be a huge boon to your organization! However have you considered the bias that could be building up in your new technology?

At the good robot company we develop solutions to analyse diagnose and eliminate the biases in your AL/ML systems with a specific focus on ensuring high levels of ethicality in your system outputs.

In this episode we talk to bridge boakye the artificial intelligence policy leader at the tony blair institute for global change. Brifget is an expert in how AL is impacting Africa and the major challenges in implementing Al use across the continent. she tells us about what good technology means in the contexts in which she works and the benefits and drawbacks of Google and other big tech companies operating in Africa.

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