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Pikmin 4 is an upcoming real-time strategy video game developed and published by Nintendo. It will be the fourth main installment of the Pikmin series, following pikmin 3, and sixth installment overall. It is set for release on the Nintendo switch on July 21, 2023.

Pikmin 4 utilises the same basic gameplay as its predecessors in the pikmin series-players control a minuscule leader, who must spend a day on an earth like planet raising pikmin to use in defeating enemies, securing objects and achieving specific goals in various locations. Pikmin 4 adds a mechanic to deploy pikmin, and a camera option much closer to the ground, as well as introducing species of pikmin with new abilities to help solve puzzles and tackle enemies, such as ice pikmin who can freeze water and addition the player will be able to command a dog like creature called otachi, who can help carry objects, or transport pikmin across water. The game’s main story will focus on recuing castaways of a new humanoid race upon the same planet used in the pikmin series.

On September 7, 2015, pikmin creator shigeru miyamoto confirmed to euro gamer that pikmin 4 was in development and very close to completion. on July 7 2016 miyamoto said in an E3 interview with game rant that pikmin 4 was still in development though at a lower priority . on june 19, 2017 miyamoto ressured eurogamer that the game was still progressing.

Pikmin 4 was announced by shigeru miyamoto in a Nintendo direct on September 13, 2022. The teaser trailer gives a brief glimpse of the game’s environment without any gameplay or story details. Nintendo announced that the pikmin t-shirt worn by miyamoto during the announcement would be released at the Nintendo New York store and Nintendo’s website. in the February 8, 2023 Nintendo direct pikmin 4 was revealed to laugh on July 21, 2023.

Alright that’s not everything we know. we have gathered together all the juicy information we have on the upcoming sequel to the beloved yet kinda niche Nintendo strategy game a title that we first heared about long long ago.

The amount of info that we have is steadily increasing but make sure to check back as more trailers and screenshots trickle out of the pikmin news pipe.

Pikmin 4 is the fourth installment of the pikmin series. It will release worldwide on July 21st. 2023 for the Nintendo switch. in a Nintendo direct on September 13th, 2022 pikmin 4 was revealed for the first time confirming its existence. On February 8th 2023, more details were revealed.

Not Much is known about the story of pikmin 4 , but a screenshot of the game shows that there will be new characters involved.

It seems that gameplay might be similar to pikmin 3, following miyamoto’s comment about playing from the pikmin’s perspective meaning that it will have full 360 degree camera movement and will be zoomed in much closer to the player. The way the pikmin are configured in their group seems to indicate that pikmin 4 might most likely bring back the swarming system from 2 and the way the pikmin are being thrown directly at the bulborb’s eye may also indicate that lock on targeting is back. It is likely possible this game takes place on earth.

Pikmin is a first party Nintendo franchise so doesn’t expect to play the new installment on PlayStation, Xbox, or any other platforms. For now pikmin 4 is planned for Nintendo switch, but it might also come to whatever the company’s next console is as well similar to the way pikmin 3 launched on wii U and then later came to Nintendo switch.

The pikmin 4 reveal trailer was brief and did n’t give us much information outside of a general look at its art and some environments but we do know that its colorful visuals will return this time around just like its predecessors however its second direct trailer would go into much more depth.

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