The Lord of the Rings

The lord of the rings: Gollum is an upcoming action adventure video game developed by daedalic entertainment and co-published by daedalic entertainment and is based on the works of J.R.R.Tolkein, following the character of Gollum between the events of the hobbit and the lord of the rings.
The game is scheduled for release for Microsoft windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo switch, Xbox one and Xbox series X/S.
The game was announced by daedalic entertainment in March 2019 for release in 2021. With the nacon agreement announcement, the game was delayed to 2022. On 24 may 2022, it was announced on the game’s official twitter page that the developers were currently targeting a release date of September 1, 2022 for the steam service and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The Nintendo switch version was announced to be coming on November 30, 2022. On July 25,2022, the developers announced a further delay of a few months. Several months later, after missing its planned 2022 release dates, nacon announced on January 24, 2023 that Gollum is now targeting a release for next spring or summer.
The lord of the rings: Gollum is a story driven action adventure. Take on a perilous journey as Gollum, chasing the only thing that is precious to him. Gollum is skilled and cunning, but also torn b his split personality. One mind, two egos-you decide!
About The Game
Athletic and agile, sneaky and cunning. Driven by the desire to once again old in his ands what he lost, Gollum is one of the most fascinating characters in the world of the lord of the rings.
He has seen tings that others cannot imagine; he has survived tings that others would not dare mention. Torn by is split personality, he can be vicious and villainous as Gollum, but social and cautious as smegol.
An Untold Tale
While being vital to the story by J.R.R. Tolkien, many parts of Gollum’s quest have not been told in detail the lord of the rings: Gollum you get to experience this story.from his time as a slave below the dark tower to his stay with the elves of mirkwood.
Use stealth, agility and cunning to survive and overcome what lies ahead. Climb, leap and grapple your way past dangers or into advantageous spots.
Choice Matter
While Gollum might not be a fighter, it is not unlike him to assassinate a careless enemy when the chance presents itself or dispose of them in more creative and villainous ways.
The decisions you make and the way you play have a direct influence on Gollum’s personality : always struggling between the two sides embodied b Gollum and smegol, it is up to you to decide whether the darker side of Gollum takes over or if there is a spark of reason left in what once was Sméagol. One mind, two egos you decide!
The lord of the rings: Gollum is set to take us to middle-earth and offer us a different perspective. As the name gives away, we’ll be playing as Gollum as we stealthily make our way through various locations plucked right from Tolkien’s fantasy world. From mirkwood to barad dur tower and cirith ungol, the new adventure from daedalic entertainment will let us put Gollum’s skills such as sneaking and climbing to use as we navigate dangerous environments.
While we are still waiting on word about a concrete release date, the lord of the rings: Gollum could very well launch this year among the new games for 2023.
After it is initial reveal back in 2019 and some delays which have pushed back its launch, we have steadily been learning more and more about our upcoming journey with Gollum. We know, for example, that we can expert to see some new faces along with familiar characters such as the elven king tranduil and Gandalf. We also know that it is set to be come to multiple platforms, making among the lineup of upcoming Xbox series x games and upcoming ps5 games on the way.
While we wait for more news, read on below as we take you through everything we know so far about the lord of the rings: Gollum.

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