The Last Spell and banish all magic from earth: Games Mantra.

The Last Spell is a rogue lite tactical RPG developed by Ishtar games and published by the arcade crew. Set in a dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic world the player controls a group of hardened warriors who defend the last bastion of humankind against hordes of bloodthirsty to ensure that the characters survive long enough to cast the last spell and banish all magic from earth.

The Last Spell is a fast paced turn based strategy game in which the player’s hero characters slay hundreds of attacking enemies while protecting their base the last haven of earth. Characters items and enemy waves are procedurally generated making each battle unique while collecting magic essence and achieving feats unlock bonuses for future.

During the day phase the base can be expanded with new buildings and defenses and new weapons forged for the heroes. The game also features a classless level up system allowing for more customizable character builds with stats including attributes, perks, skills and traits.

The Last Spell takes place in a dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic world ravaged by war and magic. After centuries of fighting, a deranged mage discovers a spell capable of destroying entire cities. The mage casts the spell on the town of glint Fein, engulfing it in purple flames and annihilating all life including members of the royal family. In turn the royal family’s mages research how to cast this divesting spell and them begin using it on nearby cities.

Soon every nation has acquired a means of casting this devastating magic turning city after city into ruins engulfed in purple flames. But the ruins do not remain dormant; a purple mist begins emanating from each ruined city and from the mist marches the undead corpses of those killed by the devastating magic.

Small groups of survivors gather to fend off the unread and a fighter known as the commander takes charge.

In retribution for the magical destruction most mages are exiled or killed but some are spared .under the commander’s watch those spared mages discover a spell that could banish all magic from the world thereby ending the purple mist and stopping the undead hordes. However the mages need time to channel enough energy to cast the spell, so they need the commander along with a ragtag team of heroes to protect the mages at any cost, until the last spell is cast.


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