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Flotilla features two distinct and interwoven modes of gameplay, as you try to outpace your opponents in bringing prosperity to humanity’s new home. You begin the game as a sink side fleet commander commissioned by world leaders to explore the new face of the ocean, scour the depths for resources and rescue any survivors you come any point in the game you may choose to turn sky side by selling your skiffs and leaving your seafaring life behind to now grow the flotilla itself.

The Choice of if or when to switch from a sink side explore to a sky side settler defines the very core experience of flotilla. They represent two similar but distinct game experiences, utilizing the same game components seamlessly intertwined among all players, if you switch you will flip over all of your accumulated game components watching your crew grow into new art for the same characters while finding entirely new uses for ocean tiles and resources and beginning to trade with the “skinside” players as you go after new objectives .as players turn “skyside” different niches are filled forever changing the game’s economy mastering this ebb and flow will be critical if you are to shape the new face of humanity !

As A “SINKSIDER” you will explore the ocean with your skiffs , pulling some of the 92 hexagon-shaped ocean tiles out of a bag, and arranging them to help you effectively collect resources discover valuable artifacts from the sunken civilization ,all while trying to avoid toxic radiation left from the disaster . you will dive for supplies rolling a pool of custom dive dice that vary based on the depth level of your skiffs. You will also carefully manage your resources trading them on the open market for currency you can use to buy more skiffs and outposts or stockpiling them for when you turn “skyside”.

As a skysider you will use your resources to build an expansive network of watercraft and docks using the skyside of your ocean tiles. Your divers will also have new jobs are researchers, rolling custom multicolor research dice to discover new technologies that allow the flotilla to manage a growing population. You will also build sonar stations making life a little easier for the “sinksiders” still out exploring the unknown while earning quite a few points for yourself.

Flotilla is a 2010 turn based strategy space combat video game developed by Brendon chung’s studio blendo games. The game was released in March 2010on steam for Microsoft windows and on Xbox live india games for the xbox 360. Flotilla was designed with Microsoft’s XNA tools and its development was influenced by animals as well as board games such as Axis and allies and arkham horror. The game takes the player in an adventure through a randomly generated galaxy.

Chung began developing flotilla immediately after the closure of pandemic studios where he had worked as a designer. The new game used assets imported from chung’s early space combat prototype, space piñata flotilla incorporates several pieces of classical music in its score such as Chopin’s raindrop prelude it received mixed reviews from video game media outlets scoring 72 out of 100 on aggregate website metacritic and was included in mike rose’s book 250 indie games you must play.

Flotilla is a three dimensional simultaneous turn based strategy space combat video game set in a randomly generated galaxy. The player and computer controlled opponents issue orders to their ships which are carried in a simultaneous and real time fashion over a period of 30 seconds. The game then freezes and the player and opponents issue new orders to their ships which are again performed for 30 seconds. This process repeats until one party is defeated. Orders are separated into three groups: attack

Move flank move and focus fire an attack move orders the ships to move and fire simultaneously: a flank move increases the ship’s speed but deactivates weapons until the ship stops moving; and focus fire increases fire rate but significantly reduces the ship’s speed.

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