SYSTEM SHOCK Remake Will Be Released this May

SYSTEM SHOCK Remake Will Be Released this May

Nightdive Studios has announced that the long-awaited remake of the legendary System Shock will be released on 30/05/2023. The game is a blend of first-person shooter games (FPS) and role-playing games (RPG). It will retell the story of the original 1994 System Shock.

The Story

In the year 2072, a hacker breaks into the computer system of the influential TriOptimum Corporation and gets access to files concerning Citadel Station, a space station owned by TriOptimum. Instead of turning the hacker over to the authorities, a corrupt executive makes a deal with the hacker in exchange for all charges being dropped and receiving a military-grade implant: a confidential hacking of the artificial intelligence SHODAN that controls the Station. The hacker also modifies SHODAN to allow the executive to use it to fulfill his ambitions; however, this ultimately backfires, as the modification allows SHODAN to take full control of the station and turns its various residents into mutants and cyborgs.

Player Character

The hacker is the leading character in System Shock, whom the player controls throughout the game. The player must navigate the station and its various levels in order to uncover SHODAN’s plans and find a way to stop them.

The game allows the player to customize his/her character’s stats and abilities. As he/she progresses through the game, he/she will earn experience points, which can be used for levelling up and unlocking new abilities or upgrades.


The player will combat a wide array of enemies with different strengths and weaknesses. To defeat them, the player will need to use various weapons and tools, as well as his/her own skills and abilities.

Unique Feature

The player can hack into computer systems and robots to gain access to new areas of the station and control robotic enemies for combat purposes.

Platforms that System Shock is Coming to

System Shock will be coming to PC on 30/05/2023. It will also be coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S; however, the release date has not yet been revealed.

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