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Storyteller lets you build stories using a visual language. The goal on each level is to make a story that fits the given title by placing setting and characters that react to each other, creating a narrative through their relationships.

Storyteller’s comic –panel design and charming animations allow for experimentation within the farming of its many stories: just drag and drop characters to see how the story plays out!

Play with a library full of characters and themes, heroes and villains, dragons and vampires, infidelity and revenge, love lies, madness, and more! Use the blank canvas to manipulate secrets and desires, slay monsters or terrorize people with them, betray lovers or bring them together .you knows how the stories go-but this time you are author.

Experience some of history’s greatest stories like never before. Storyteller is an award winning reactive puzzle game that lets you build the story.

Storyteller’s charming animations and comic panel design allows for a unique puzzle mechanic. Use your wits to retell iconic tales or experiment and find something new.

Play with library full of characters and themes, featuring heroes and villains, dragons and vampires, infidelity and remorse, love, lies, madness and more! Use the blank canvas to manipulate secrets and desires, slay monsters or terrorize people with them. Betray lovers or bring them together. You know how the stories go but this time you are the author.

Storyteller is a puzzle video game designed by Daniel benmergui and to be published by Annapurna interactive. The game was release on March 23, 2023 for Microsoft windows windows and Nintendo switch.

Storyteller has been under development by Argentinian game designer Daniel benmergui since 2009. An early prototype of the game was awarded the independent games festival’s innovation award, the Nuevo, in 2012.

Benmergui spoke of the development hell the game was in a fuckup night’s presentation in 2020. Detailing how he abandoned the game in 2015 after being forced to move home to his mother. A limited time demo of the game was released in July 2021.

From simple beginning, stories have created throughout time to fulfill particular niche roles: inspiring us to follow moral paths, maintaining our histories and our culture, entertaining us, and helping each one of us to understand each other and our place in the great narrative of human existence. The video game- a new platform for narrative expression – allows us to take our stories, both old and new, re-imagine them as playable experiences.

Where video games and their stories are concerned, we realize that we are not on the cutting edge of this discussion. Scholars, such as Henry Jenkins have argued that video games are by nature a type of storytelling medium- comparable to books and films- and representing a new type of “transmedia storytelling “ others, such as espen arseth find that the study of games should focus not on narrative at all but on their structure as rule based formal systems. There are scores of conflicting voices weighing in on this topic but many of these voices focus on defining what game scholarship actually is.

We are not professional game scholars. The purpose of this blog is not push forward a new definition of game studies, or to favor one over another but to instead to step back and see games for what we enjoy them as : interactive stories. Drawing on our shared experiences as primarily fiction writers and literary scholars, and our varied backgrounds in film and digital media studies as well as video game theory and design, we strive to private critical assessments of contemporary video games in order to cultivate a better understanding of successful normativity.

Before we can truly talk about games as stories, it’s important to pause and consider how we got here in the first place. The storytelling art comes to us today from a long history rooted in the tradional oral narratives of the earliest human cultures. Oral stories are only one of several storytelling mediums, which can refer to as narrative vehicles modern technological developments led to new narrative vehicles, such as the print medium for example and gave us only broader and richer ways to tell our stories to one another in turn cultivating the practice of storytelling as artistic expression.

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