Secrets About Choo Choo Charles Game

Games Mantra is back with another update about the New Horror Game Choo Charles. The game is very popular among the kids. So lets Find out the Secrets About Choo Choo Charles Game.
Secrets about choo choo charles game
Secrets About Choo Choo Charles Game

We at Games mantra try to update  you about tips, information , secrets of the games. Today we have an update on Secrets of Choo Choo Charles Game. This is a very popular action horror game which is mostly played by the kids.

Secrets About Choo Choo Charles Game:

Here are some secrets about the game which many people do not know.

Made by a Solo Developer :

Yes, Choo Choo Charles is developed by a solo developer Gavin Eisenbeisz, the game became so popular soon after its release.

Rubber Duck:

If you frequently go towards the northern side of the map then if you look at the sea where the lan ends. You will see a giant rubber duck. It just floats in water without any other movement. Its not that immersive in the game but surely is an easter egg element.

Ancient Spider Monster:

In the game island I think the Charles is not the first and only spider monster. You know this when you see a drawing which is in the NPC chest of Darrel. The drawing has a giant spider and around it there are shapes looking like humans, who are apparently fighting with the spider.  As per the game description this is an ancient drawing left by early humans living on the island.


Hacking in the games is not something new. Many players have hacked and played Choo Choo Charles. By doing so they can enter into any locked building and complete the task very fast. Developers knew this thing will happen and this is why they left a note in locked homes which says “you are not supposed to be here“.

Subscribers Rock:

Game developers do say thanks to their players every now and then, but developer of Choo Choo Charles went a step ahead. He made the rocks in the name of his channel subscribers and this is very interesting thing.

Charles Crisis Origin:

While exploring the island we often find the description notes which state about the back story of charles. Actual story is that a mining company  named Warren was working on the island since a long time. During that time many of the workers of the company died due to colapse of mine. But during this mess Warren company employees saw many glowing eggs. They exploited the eggs without informing anyone. At that time Charles made his entry. He attacked and killed the workers of Warren company and general public.

Slenderman Returns:

We met Shasha for a mission in game. There were many haunted drawings around his home. She gives us the tasks to collect all those drawings. While we were collecting those drawings we saw that a glowing spirit was following us. We had to work without exposing ourself to the spirit. The same spirit was seen in a game released back in 2012 Slender the Eight Pages.

Pickle Lady:

We find a pickle lady in the game. She liked the pickle so much that she named herself as pickle, lol. Or may be her name was pickle since beginning. Anyway when we enter her home we find many notes which explains her love to the pickles with the one liner notes. This is very funny moment in the game.

Warren Charles III:

Warren Charles III is one of the antagonist in the game and we could not find out if he is the real evil or the good guy. We found of different things about him from different characters. Greg who is one of the the conspiracy theorist, accused Warren of hiding the mysterious eggs found on the island. So he could create more monsters like Charles. On the other side Gayle who works for Warren said eggs were hidden from public so that Charles could not harm general people. This is the reason Warren is one of the most mysterious characters in the game.

I hope you like the article. Please let us know what do you think about the game.

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