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Resident evil 4 is a survival horror game  developed by Capcom production studio 4 and published by Capcom for the gamecube in 2005.players control special agent Leon s. Kennedy who is on a mission to rescue the us president’s daughter, Ashley graham ,who has been kidnapped by and religious cult in rural spain.leon fights hoarders of enemies infected by a mind –controlling parasite and reunites with the spy ado a departure from the fixed camera angles and slower game play of previous resident evil g Ames ,resident evil 4 features a dynamic camera system and action –oriented gameplay.

development on resident evil 4 began for the playstation 2 in 1999.four proposed versions were discarded ;the first attempt was directed by hideki kalmia ,but series creator shinji mikami felt it strayed too far from the series roots ,so it was spun-off as devil may cry [2001] at his recommendation. Other versions were scrapped until mikami took directorial duties for what became the final version. The game was originally announced as part of the Capcom five, collaboration between Capcom and Nintendo to create five GameCube exclusives to boost hardware sales and demonstrate third-party support.

resident evil 4 garnered acclaim for its story ,gameplay ,graphics ,voice acting, and is often named one of the best video game swinging multiple game of the year awards in was ported to numerous formats, and became a cross-platform hit, selling more than 11 million influenced the evolution  of the survival horror and third-person genres, popularizing the ‘’over –the –shoulder’’ third- person evolution of the survival horror and third –person genres, popularizing the ‘’over –the –shoulder’’ third –person view used in games such as dead space and the last of us. A remake of resident evil 4 is set for release in 2023.

The players control the protagonist, Leon S. Kennedy from a third person perspective. Departing significantly from the series previous game, the gameplay focuses on action and shootouts with fewer survival horror elements.  The camera is placed behind Leon and zooms in for an over the shoulder view when aiming a weapon, or a first person view when aiming with a sniper rifle. There is no crosshair for firearms; instead, every firearm has a laser sight. Unlike previous games where players can only shoot straight, up, or down, players have more options. For example shots to the feet can cause enemies to stumble and shots to the arms can make them drop their weapons. Players can also shoot down projectiles like thrown axes or scythes.

Resident Evil 4 adds context sensitive controls. Based on the situation players can interact with the environment; kicking down a ladder jumping out of a window, dodging an attack or executing a finishing move on weekend enemies. There are also quick time events, in which the player must press buttons indicated on screen to execute actions such as dodging a falling boulder or wrestling an enemy to say alive. These are often incorporated into the game’s may boss fights in which the player must avoid instant kill attacks.

The main enemies are violent villagers referred to as los Ganado’s. Unlike the franchise’s traditional zombies los Granados can dodge wield weaponry like chainsaws and projectiles weapons and are capable of working collectively and communicating with each other. The villagers’ leaders may transform into grotesque monstrous forms to do battle with the player when encountered. Other prominent enemies prominent include the regenerators or regenerators a type of mutated humanoid creature with potent regenerative abilities; the troll like EI Gigante; and the gigantic sea creature Del Lagos.

Six Years after the events in Raccoon city Leon Kennedy, now a federal agent is sent to a rural part of Spain to rescue the u.s president’s kidnapped daughter Ashley graham from a sinister cult.

Every aspect of the classic game has been updated for the current generation from modernized graphics and controls, to a reimagined storyline that may surprise even hardened fans of the original game.

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