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Rainbow Friends

Want to play a terrifying game? We don’t believe that the Roblox horror game in which you play as Rainbow Friends will let you down. Everyone has been expecting this new and exciting game experience called the Roblox Rainbow Buddies. There will be many things to excite and frighten you, so if you don’t know how it works, arm yourself with the finest information by reading our Rainbow Buddies beginner’s guide.

Through this guide, we will show you the best tips that help you in dealing with the game and the playing methods, characters, monsters, and every detail you need to be aware of. So it is now your time to solve your mystery puzzles and to face different endings, and every day, there will be a new challenge to face. So if you don’t know how to face it, let us guide you.


How to Play Rainbow Friends?

If you are new to Rainbow Buddies, you probably have a lot of questions about how to play the game. You won’t be as comfortable with how you wish to play this game because it is not a typical one. Listen to us though. You may play this game for free by going to the ROBLOX website, and then the terror will begin.

Blue Monster

The Blue Monster is the most typical and the first monster that a new player of Rainbow Buddies will encounter. The primary character is this. Players find it more difficult to avoid the Blue Monster than they do other enemies because of his swift movements and tendency to speed up up towards you.

Thus, utilise your box swiftly before the Blue Monster tries to eliminate you from the game if you want to avoid him. You can also go into a closet or a crawl space since there are places where you can get away from him.

Rainbow Friends Beginner Guide for the Monster Characters

For one who has just started the game as a Rainbow Friends beginner, let us introduce you to the characters here, and there are a few of them as follows. Note that these are basically the monsters, and you will have to deal with them in different ways one by one.

Green Monster

Due of his blindness, Green Monster is not too difficult for a novice to handle in Rainbow Buddies. isn’t really aware of where you are, which makes it simple for you to evade him. He may, however, be incredibly cunning and create entrances and block you from some areas. But resist the urge to touch him. The box will not work for him either, just like it did for Blue Monster, and touching can cause death.

Purple Monster

Although Purple Monster may look creepier than the others, escaping it is still not that difficult. While he hides from the vents, a newcomer to Rainbow Buddies could not notice him. But, if you are unlucky, you may get scooped up by him through his lengthy arms. Hence, regular attention is necessary.

You have a higher chance of avoiding the Purple Monster by paying close attention if you ever come across the eyeballs from the vents. To avoid this spooky creature, avoid touching the water from the ground and attempt to move in the footsteps.

Orange Monster

The orange trail that Orange Monster, a lizard, has created on the map, is being followed. Because he made the loudest steps of the others, you could readily hear him coming. Orange Monster can grab you more easily if you touch him or go near to him, thus we don’t advise new Rainbow Buddies players to do either. Although this monster is difficult to control because of his incredible speed, you may utilise the box to your advantage and simply dodge him.

Try feeding the monster from the food dispenser to avoid getting attacked by it. Just stay away from the orange trail if you spot it since it can follow you all across the map.

How to Beat Overall Monsters?

If you want to make sure with a general fact on beating monsters, let us guide you with some things. First, as a Rainbow Friends beginner, know that every monster is different, and the way you want to handle each will be unique from one to another. So, the best thing that you can do to avoid and beat these all is to understand them with their purpose. Learn how every one of them should be avoided and clearly understand how they will be unique from one monster to another.

How to Survive in Five Nights?

Someone completely followed this game up with a guide on surviving, and as a Rainbow Friends beginner, you need to survive straight for five nights to win the game. There will be several tasks to complete one by one here, and the things you need to do each day will also differ from one day to another.

The third night will be a little hectic since the awoken Purple monster will also be around and cause you to see a lot of puddles in the vents on your maps. Thus, take extra care to check the vents to make sure there are no monsters.

It will be dark and without electricity on the fourth day, when you must gather nine batteries. Solve their little riddles and stay alive here till the last night. Hence, they will leave the premises safely. The only way to win the game is to start from the door, at which point you will have mastered every aspect.

The second day is to collect 15 food packs; you need to place them for the dispenser while the Green Monster is chasing you down. So you will have to avoid him while you explore and collect food packs. The third night is to collect 15 fuses, and there you will see the Orange Monster is awakened. So beware of him and avoid him just like the way we advised you in the beginning.

Tips for a Quick Win
  • Let us provide you the following advice on how to win your game.
  • Utilize the creatures’ vulnerabilities against them to quickly win the game.
  • Quickly traverse the map and get everything you require
  • Take up as much as you can since you can carry a lot of things at once
  • assemble an effective squad to gather goods from the map.
  •    Cleverly usethe box so that it helps you avoid monsters
  • Avoid Orange Monster’s line since it is a surefire way to get captured by him.

The Rainbow Friends beginner’s guide has concluded, and we really hope that you are now more familiar than ever with the game thanks to the greatest advice. After all, you must know each creature and how to avoid them, and there is some advice for that below. Start off strong and take the actions to win the game, as we have suggested above.

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