Octopath Traveller II

Octopath traveller II is a role playing video game developed by square Enix and acquires and published by square Enix.it is sequel to octopath traveller 2018 and the third entry in the series after the prequel mobile game octopath traveller : champions of the continent 2020, though it features a new cast of characters and setting separate from prior games.it was release worldwide on February 24,2023 for Nintendo switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and windows : it is the first octopath game release on PlayStation platform.

Similar to the first octopath traveller, the game plays as a traditional JRPG. The player moves between eight separate characters, each with their own purpose for traversing the game world. Once again each character as their own path action a particular means for the player to have the respective character interact with non-player characters in the game world, often with the goal of getting reward items or characters to fight in support of their cause. New to the sequel are there being distinct “daytime” and “nighttime” segments of gameplay, with path actions being different depending on the time of the day. For example, the player can choose to make the character hikari duel characters in the daytime, in opens of learning new skills for battle, but at night, there is the separate option to instead spend in game currency to bribe characters for information or items.

The game retains the turn based battle system of the first game as well including the “break” and “boost” systems. Every enemy has a number of hidden “weakness “attributes related to being weak to particular weapons or elements. Once discovered, an indicator is sown in screen, and if it is exploited enough times, a “break” occurs, temporarily weakening the enemy. Every turn “boost points” are accumulated, which can be used for extra moves in future turns. New to the battle system are “Latent Powers”, which function similar to limit breaks in final fantasy, moves that can only be accessed once a gauge builds up over the course of a battle.

While octopath traveller II retains the same structure of following eight separate character’s stories throughout the game, it follows eight new characters in new setting separate from the prior games. It takes place in the world of solistia, a setting that is more modern than the prior game’s medieval setting, which is presented more like something from the nineteenth or twentieth centuries. The Game’s main cast includes agnes bristarni, a dancer; partition yellowbill, a merchant; hikari ku, a warrior; osvald v. vanstein, a scholar; trone anguis, a thief; temenos mistral, a cleric; castti florenz, an apothecary; and couchette, a hunter. A character’s occupation generally ties in to the character overarching goal; the dancer agnes is on a quest to become a world famous entertainment, and the merchant partition is on a quest to make money and end poverty.

Octopath traveller was a pleasant surprise when it debuted a few years back. It then new HD-2D engine was a delight to behold, and the gameplay drew inspiration from some of square Enix’s most storied franchises: a deep final fantasy style class and customization system mixed with the nonlinear exploration and story of the Saga series with a dash of combat that took cues from bravely default. These are great inspirations to draw from, but it resulted in a game that, while excellent, seemed to be struggling for a distinct identity. Perhaps the developers recognized this as well with octopath traveller II

, Square Enix seems to be trying to add new gameplay elements that give the franchise a personality of its own. And, for the most part, it has succeeded admirably.

the core of octopath traveller II is a traditional, turn based JRPG with many of the usual gameplay elements : towns and dungeons to explore, objectives to complete , etc. where most JRPGs present a linear method of progression, however, octopath traveller takes a very different approach : you begin the game by selecting a “main” character from eight candidates. Tis character has their own unique background, story arc, and goals, and will serve as a constant presence throughout your playtime.

After an introductory story chapter, you are then free to explore the world to your linking. Eventually, you’ll meet the other seven characters, allowing you to bring them into your party and follow their storylines as well, all culminating in a finale that ties the individual story treads together.

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