MONSTER HUNTER NOW Comes in September; Closed Beta Test Begins

Niantic and Capcom will release their new AR real-world action RPG mobile game Monster Hunter Now in September 2023 on both iOS and Android devices.

Monster Hunter Now
Monster Hunter Now

The game brings the exciting experience of Monster Hunter to streets, parks, and neighbourhoods around the world. Monsters, which players will encounter, vary depending on their local biomes, encouraging exploration of different areas to discover different monsters.

Players will have the option to team up with other hunters in order to find and slay powerful monsters using swords & shields, great swords, and light bow guns. Rewards earned from battles will allow players to create new weapons and armour or upgrade their existing gear. Since the game can be played on smartphones, players can easily invite their friends to play alongside them. However, only up to four players can take part in each hunt, with fights lasting no more than 75 seconds.

The Concept of the Game

The Concept of the Game is that the Monster Hunter Now universe begins seeping into the real world, bringing with it monsters that players will encounter while exploring their streets, parks and neighbourhoods. Players can fight monsters either by themselves or with friends in the landscape or portrait mode with pressing, holding, and flicking motions. They will be able to use their weapons and armour to take down the fiercest monsters in a stylish and powerful way.

The Paintball Feature

The paintball feature allows players to play when and where they want, by marking any monster that they encounter, bringing it back home and hunting it alone or with someone else.

The Palico Companion

The Palico is a Felyne that has made a pact with hunters to support them when they encounter incredible monsters in the real world. It will accompany players on their adventures and be able to use the paintball feature which allows players to mark any monster that they encounter whilst their exploring, and finish up the battle later on when they get back home solo or with their friends.

Sign up for the Closed Beta Test

Interested players can sign up at for a chance to be selected for the closed beta test, which started on April 25th. Access to the test will be limited to an estimated 10,000 participants, though all registrants will directly receive the latest news and updates on the game. MONSTER HUNTER NOW Comes in September.


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