LokiCraft a Fun Blocks Game

If you like blocks games, LokiCraft a Fun Blocks game inspired by popular game Minecraft will blow your mind. You can create, destroy blocks. Find and collect resources to make useful tools and weapons for survival.
LokiCraft, Games Mantra

LokiCraft  a fun blocks game with crafting and area exploration game. It manages to successfully capture the creative mode from the wildly popular Minecraft. This game gives you a practically infinite amount of land to work with. There is no limit till your imagination lasts.

The gameplay in LokiCraft is similar to what you’d find in any other first-person title. You can control your character’s movements by tapping on the little d-pad on the left side of the screen, while you slide your finger around the right side of the screen to adjust your view. Just like in the creative mode in the Minecraft, in LokiCraft, you’ll also have access to an unlimited number of resources. You can use these resources to build anything that comes to your mind.

The Amazing and super smooth graphics are one of the most interesting features in LokiCraft. This is what makes it stand out far above similar games. Sadly there is no survival mode. If you just want to explore and build, you’ll find LokiCraft to be one of the most interesting free options available.

In LokiCraft, you’ll be able to explore and build literally anything that comes to your imagination. And best part, you can use any of the many resources that you can find in your surroundings. Build and Destroy Blocks. Get Resources and Create various Tools, Blocks and Weapons with which you can survive and build unique Buildings. Choose your path in this world – the Builder (Creative mode) or the Ruthless Hunter who will do everything to survive (Survival mode)!

If you are a fan of blocks game you will really enjoy this game.

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