LEVEL ZERO Coming in 2023

DogHowl Games and tinyBuild will release their new asymmetric survival horror PvP game Level Zero in 2023.

level zero coming in 2023
Level Zero

In this game, the year is 2058 and space exploration has taken off, with corporations like “New Horizons” discovering new corners of the universe. It turns out that the unknown corners of the Universe aren’t so friendly, though, with the planet of Turion full of adverse creatures and monsters. LEVEL ZERO Coming in 2023.

Six players will play against each other in this futuristic sci-fi world. Four players will take the role of scientists who must repair electrical control systems and gather sources of light to escape the planet of Turion, while the other two players will play as the creatures that hunt them from the shadows using various telepathic abilities, ambush tactics, and electricity manipulation skills.

Scientist Team

The main weapon of scientists against the creatures is light. By using it, they will be able to repel the creatures and buy themselves much-needed time. To succeed, they need to work together and coordinate their actions.

If a scientist dies, it is not the end. He/She can respawn as a drone to guide his/her team across the dark corridors and detect monster trails using UV light, carry found items to his/her teammates, ping mission objectives, and call out monsters.

Creatures Team

Creatures can use telepathic abilities and electricity manipulation skills to disable the sources of light. They can stalk the scientists in the darkness and ambush them when the light goes off. They also can sense the scientists’ heartbeats through walls, and then find the best position to attack them when they least expect it.

Creatures can benefit from the random blackouts when they happen, as they can see perfectly in the darkness and no human being will be able to escape their hunt.

To succeed, creatures should plan together the location and timing of their attacks on the scientists, and use their staggering screams to overwhelm them before the attack.

Sign up for the Closed Beta Test

Interested players will have the chance to try out the game before its launch by signing up for the closed beta test. Sign up at https://rb.gy/b3m1w

Platforms that Level Zero is Coming to

Level Zero will be coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. There is no information on whether it will be released on other platforms in the future.

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