Hungry shark world

Hungry Shark World is the sixth instalment within the Hungry Shark recreation sequence created by Future Video games of London. Hungry Shark World was launched at 12 AM on Might 5, 2016, in London, which makes use of British Summer season Time. A console version was introduced for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Change. It was launched on July seventeenth, 2018.


It’s the successor of Hungry Shark Evolution. The sport has used a extra cartoonish graphics fashion and incorporates extra sharks. All of its sharks exist as we speak. In contrast to in Hungry Shark Evolution, all of the Sharks are professional and are usually not creatures that are not precise sharks excluding Huge Momma (Dunkleosteus) and Killer Whale, in addition to Echo (Ichthyosaur), Drago (Pliosaur), Buzz (Helicoprion), and Mr. Snappy (Mosasaurus). The sport has many options, comparable to Mega Gold Rush and 4 completely different places numerous within the World (together with Extinction mode). The shark within the icon is the Nice White that can also be proven within the icon of each different Hungry Shark recreation, nevertheless, it has been modified a number of occasions and was as soon as the Porbeagle and the Bull Shark.


Hungry Shark World is an aquatic journey the place the participant controls a shark. Hungry Shark World options a variety of various aquatic creatures and even non-aquatic creatures, comparable to people.

There are additionally 3 various kinds of currencies, pearls, gems, and cash. Because the participant progresses by the sport, there are lots of completely different missions to do, 4 completely different places on the world map to discover and particular places to go to.

In Hungry Shark World, there are 8 completely different tiers of sharks, starting from XS to Apex.

Every stage of shark incorporates 3-4 completely different sharks with completely different appears to be like and stats, aside from XS and! That include only one and 9 respectively.

Every stage of shark progressively has a bigger weight loss plan, permitting the participant to have the ability to eat an increasing number of creatures on the map.

Every stage of shark additionally has usually improved stats from the final stage, that are represented in numbers. The three stats are referred to as Velocity, Chunk and Enhance, which all could be upgraded a sure variety of occasions for a specific shark with cash, with the worth going up for greater and larger sharks and as extra upgrades for that shark of that kind are obtained.

There are a number of completely different menus as effectively. There may be the shark menu that permits the participant to view and purchase the numerous completely different sharks within the recreation.

There may be additionally the private shark menu that permits the participant to customise the shark they’ve chosen with pets, devices, equipment or maps.

The participant can also be capable of improve their shark on this menu. There may be additionally the map choice menu, the place the participant is in a position to decide on one of many 5 places they wish to play in. The participant may view the three missions they at the moment have and the chief boards.




These are all of the sharks within the recreation, organized as they’re in-game:

  • Blacktip Reef Shark (XS)
  • Whitetip Reef Shark (S)
  • Porbeagle (S)
  • Blue Shark (S)
  • Spike (Stethacanthus) (S)
  • Sand Shark (M)
  • Thresher Shark (M)
  • Easy Hammerhead (M)
  • Heidi (Wobbegong) (M)
  • Bull Shark (L)
  • Goblin Shark (L)
  • Mako Shark (L)
  • Echo (Ichthyosaur) (L)
  • Nurse Shark (L)
  • Megamouth Shark (XL)
  • Nice Hammerhead (XL)
  • Tiger Shark (XL)
  • Drago (Pliosaur) (XL)
  • Basking Shark (XXL)
  • Whale Shark (XXL)
  • Nice White Shark (XXL)
  • Frenzy (XXL)
  • Megalodon (!!)
  • Legendary Nice White (!!)
  • Huge Momma (Dunkleosteus) (!!)
  • Killer Whale (!!)
  • Atomic Shark (!!)
  • Zombie Shark (!!)
  • Buzz (Helicoprion) (!!)
  • Snappy (Mosasaurus) (!!)
  • Veteran Nice White (!!)
  • Robo Shark (!!)
  • Darkish Magic Shark (!!)
  • Gaia (!!)
  • Historic Megalodon (Apex)
  • Alpha Zombie Shark (Apex)
  • Meltdown Shark (Apex)
  • Mecha Sharkjira (Apex)
  • Shin Sharkjira (Apex)
  • Cosmic Alan (Apex)
  • Abyssal Shark (Apex)

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