Hi-Fi Rush rhythm based action Video Game

Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm based action game developed by tango game works and published by Bethesda soft works for the windows and Xbox series x/s platforms. It was announced on January 25, 2023 and released worldwide the same day.

The game follows self-proclaimed “future rock star” chai whose music player is accidentally embedded in is chest during experimental cybernetic surgery, allowing him to sense the rhythm of the world.Labelled a “defect” and hunted by the corporation that transferred him, chai bands together with new friends to defeat the company’s executives and put a stop to their plans. HI-Fi rush includes licensed music from bands such as the black keys and nine inch nails.

Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm –action game where the protagonist chai, his enemies, and parts of the environment move to the beat. Attacking on rhythm is not required, as actions automatically sync up the music, but by timing the button presses right the players are rewarded with higher damage output and timing based combo finishers deal additional damage.

A parry move allows players to cancel enemy attacks by pressing the button at the exact moment of attacks. In addition to the beat em-up action mechanics, there are also rhythm based minigame elements where players repeat cues in a call and response fashion or press buttons in rhythmic sequence based on screen cues.

The Game takes place across multiple linear stages, representing various divisions of the antagonist corporation. Each division is based on a particular musical style, and chai engages in boss battles at various points.

In additional to combat , the game also features some platform game elements, as well as a system of upgrades to unlock new moves, abilities , and perks, which can be purchased with gears , an in game currency earned in combat or by exploring levels. Permanent upgrades to health and the special meter also appear in stages as collectibles.

Completing the game once unlocks bonus features, such as the ability to revisit past levels and previously inaccessible areas, a new difficulty setting, and rhythm tower , a survival mode similar to bloody palace from the devil may cry series.

Feel the beat as winnable rock star chai and his ragtag team of allies’ rebel against an evil robotics enhancement megacorp with raucous rhythm combat! From tango game works, the studio that brought you the evil within and ghostwire: Tokyo comes hi-fi rush, an all-new action game where the characters world and combat stylishly sync to the music!

Chai versus the World

Labeled defective after a shady corporate experiment mistakenly fuses a music player to his heart chai must now fight for his freedom in a slick animated world where everything plat forming puzzles enemy attacks and even the colorful gags & banter are synced to the beat.

Open Up The Mosh Pit!

Take on armies of corporate drones in satisfying, rhythm amplified combat. Time your moves to pull off flashy beat hits hard hitting special abilities and even combination attacks with your allies! Want to show off! Go further and tap into the beat to ramp up your skills and earn those covetous s-rank scores.

Rowdy Rebels Vs. Badass Bosses

Lead a squad of colorful teammates and take the fight to the heart of an, er, heartless corporation. Square off with each department’s boss, from production to marketing to finance, each more ready to perfect the company’s bottom line than the last in over te top battles sequences accompanied by their own music tracks!

Grab Your Headphones

Tap your toes to a killer mix tape of original music as well as songs by nine inch nails the prodigy, the joy formidable and more ! Want to show off your skills to a live streaming audience? Fret not: hi-fi rush includes a streamer friendly alternate audio mode which replaces those licensed songs with original tracks made especially for streaming HI-Fi Rush.

Chai, a 25 year old man with a disabled right arm with a dream to become a rock star , arrives at the van delay technologies campus to volunteer for project Armstrong , a test program for cybernetic limb replacement.

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