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Hi-Fi Rush is a Rhythm based Action Game developed by famous Japansese game development company Tango Gameworks. We have come up with Hi-Fi Rush:11 Best Tips and trick for you so you can progress fast in the game. The list of tips and trick will help you overcome any challenge you face in the game.
Hi-Fi Rush: 11 Best Tips and Tricks,Hi-Fi Rush, Action Game, Rhythm Based Action Game,Games Mantra
Hi-Fi Rush: 11 Best Tips and Tricks
Hi-Fi: Rush 11 Best Tips and Tricks

Games Mantra has thankfully prepared a list of tips and tricks which will help you to overcome any challenges thrown your way by this game.  Here are the 11 Best Tips and Tricks to play this video game as a super gamer in Hi-Fi Rush.

  1. Check Latency:

    The first and very important tip we recommend is to check your internet connection and latency. In the sound tab of the options menu you will find the latency check tool. Here you can slide the cat logo until its flash lines up with the moving beat marker.  If you find any audio lag as per the visuals and instructions of the tool you may consider upgrading your hardware settings for better action game performance.

  2. Turn on the Beat Visualizer:

    Hi-Fi Rush does not punish players for attacking off rhythm but its still in your best interest to find the beat. If you are struggling to find the beat pressing the back button in game toggles on or off  the in-game beat visualizer. This features introduces a visual grid that highlights the tempo of current song. It helps you to stay on the beat with the audio cues. Additionally the background objects and your feline companion 808 provides further visual rhythm indicators.

  3. Close the Gap:

    One thing you will notice about the Chai that he is not always the quickest on his feat as he literally marches to the beat of the world around him. This can make encroaching on enemies feel a bit slow. Thankfully there are quick and effective methods of closing the gap. Once you get it press your left bumper to activate your grapple shot which pulls you towards the targeted foes. This is an outstanding way chase fleeing enemies or assault annoying airborne adversaries. You can also hit the right bumper to dash which is another potent means of achieving bursts of speed. If you are on beat with your dashes you can also perform 3 dashes back to back and if you are using a dashing attack, you can even cancel it back in to a dash to feel really fancy.

  4. Get Airborne:

    A majority of your time spent battling mechanised opponents will likely be with your feet firmly planted on the ground. However you can put a little pressure by taking the fight to the skies. There are numerous ways to launch an opponent in to the air. Easiest one is to dash towards them with right bumper and then press Y. Alternatively you can also use a rest combo by pressing X waiting for the beat and then pressing XX. Juggling enemies keep them from performing actions which prevents you from getting smacked. Once they are in the air executing a four hit combo will knock them away but if you stagger your combo by only doing 3 hits, waiting and then starting the combo over you can remain in the air and secure extra damage.

  5. Dodge Frequently:

    Dodging is a crucial mechanic in Hi-Fi Rush. Many attacks must by dodged on beat to avoid taking damage. Don’t be afraid to hit the right bumper madly and frequently. While combos serve as a primary means of avoiding destruction, you can dodge cancel a combo to evade incoming attacks. Simply press right bumper in between hits to move Chai out of Harm’s way. You can also dodge cancel entire attacks by pressing right bumper during wind up.

  6. Smash Everything:

    Like any iconic rockstar, Chai uses his guitar to destroy objects and in Hi-Fi Rush we highly recommend you to keep that devil attitude and smash everything in sight. Gears, health items and even permanent upgrades can be found be demolishing boxes, barrels , statues and and vending machines.  So keep smashing to find new items.

  7. Explore your Environment:

    Hi-Fi Rush is fairly Linear, by design but there are many secret and worthwhile items to find. Check your surroundings to get any items visually available. Often you will be rewarded with the gears, collectibles, new robotic chest filled with upgrade items.

  8. Master the Parry:

    The parry is one of the most important techniques to learn in Hi-Fi Rush and its also one of the most difficult. Press B when and enemy attack is about to connect with  Chai, but the timing window is very small. One thing that will make it easier is to anticipate the hit by listening to the beat of the soundtrack. Enemy attack will always land on beat. So keep in mind how many beats have wind up individual attacks have. So you know when to use a parry. Certain attacks also have visual cues to help you find the right parry timing. Parrying in multiple succession is very important to eliminate strong enemies.

  9. Open up the Pit:

    You will frequently find your self surrounded by enemies in Hi-Fi Rush. Thankfully there are capable options to help you secure some breathing room. The breakdown combo which can be activated by pressing XYY is terrific at striking any enemy surrounding you. To activate special attacks simply click both sticks simultaneously.

  10. Mix up your Special Attacks:

    This is very important tip from 11 Best Tips and tricks in Hi-Fi Rush. Special attacks in Hi-Fi Rush have different attack patterns and some time they don’t do damage at all. So we experiment by mixing up the special attacks.

  11. Upgrade Often:

    Improving your musical techniques and studying combos are commendable ways to improve your skills in Hi-Fi Rush. However without investing in proper upgrades you might be working harder than you need to be. Make sure to investing in to those shiny gears into upgrades, new combos and passive buffs. These robust unlocks and enhancements can be purchased at The Hideout or from peppermint wending machines in stages. From permanent health improvement to reverb gauge improvements there are dozens of goodies to earn. Early recommended game pickups are the life gauges which increase Chai’s maximum health and the health tank.

What is Hi-Fi Rush?

Hi-Fi Rush is a new Japanese game developed by Tango Gameworks. The game is available for Windows PC and Xbox Series X and Series S. This game is basically a rhythm based action game and it was announced on 25th January 2023 and was release same day as a worldwide release. At Xbox’s first developer direct Microsoft shocked fans by announcing the latest Japanese game Hi-FI Rush. There is lot to unpack in this high octane game with lots of upgrades imitating enemies, latest weapons.

Is there a game trailer available ?

Yes you can watch the trailer below.

That is all for today my friends, we will keep bringing new tips and tricks so keep checking this page for more tips and trick for the game.

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