Goodbye Volcano High

Goodbye Volcano is an upcoming narrative adventure indie game developed and published by Montreal – based studio KO-OP. The game is scheduled for release on 15 June 2023, for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and windows.

Set in a world of anthropomorphic dinosaur characters, the game centers on the members of the band VVorm Drama ; the non-binary  lead vocalist fang guitarist trish and drummer reed alongside the school’s student council president Naomi AND FANG’S BROTHER NASER AS THEY VENTURE THROUGH THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF THEIR FINAL year as volcano high seniors with graduation looming over the horizon while coming to terms with their own impending extinction from an asteroid.

The game was initially announced during Sony’s “future of gaming” online presentation on 11 June 2020, with a release window of 2021, in august 2021, KO_OP announced a delay of goodbye volcano high’s release until sometime in 2022. The developers wanted to avoid crunch related to the COVID-19 pandemic and had already brought in a new writing team from sweet baby June 2020to reboot the game’s entire narrative direction. In November 2022, the game was delayed to 2023. A new gameplay trailer premiered during a Sony “state of play” presentation on 23 February 2023, announcing a release date of 15 June.

The game’s use of queer characters and LGBT themes resulted in notable harassment campaigns by users of the image board 4chan, a group of users from the site known as “caveman on” developed a parady of the game titled “snoot game”.KO_OP and various journalist outlets have claimed the fangame to contain anti-LGBT themes attacks against KO_OP’S discord server related to the fangame and users from 4chan have also accrued, a representative of the studio told kotaku claimed the the fangame was made in “bad faith”arguing that developers of games featuring queer characters will face harassment no matter where you go and stating that we care deeply about the work we are doing and are excited to share it with the world.

Goodbye Volcano high is an upcoming narrative adventure game developed by Canadian studio KO_OP . the game was announced on 11 june 2020 at sony’s “future of gaming” online event for the playstation 5. It is scheduled for a release sometime in 2022 for the playstation 5, playstation 4, and onwindows PC via steam.

Decide who to be : your choices shape who fang becomes, and determine your gameplay experience. Discover what the future holds as you play through your final year at volcano high no pressure…

Chosen family values :get close with friends , family, acquaintances,frenemies, crushes figure out how you are gonna be there for your loved ones when it matters most it is the literal end of the world after all . nurturing relationships builds and affinity and changes the outcome of your gameplay.

Don’t let the apocalypse get you down : writes songs , play different instruments, and put all the shit that’s hard to say into your music with an interactive rhythm and lyrics system.then perform those original tracks to create a soundtrack fitted to your story.

Dino Minigames & Prehistoric Interactions: immerse yourself in fangs day to day through interactions. In game dnisaur themed social media and interactive one offs make you a part of fang’s life.

I remember the existential dread of finishing high school. Even though those we are not exactly my golden years my little friend group of oddballs was very precious to me , and in my 17 short years I could not imagine what my life would be like without them. The adults in my life who dragged me to college visits and ACT prep classes seemed way more concerned about my future than I did. All I really wanted to do during my senior year is is watch jerry springer rerins with my friends play left 4 Dead and pretend my life was not abot to change.

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