Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical role playing game developed by intelligent systems and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo switch. It is an installment in the fire emblem series and was released on January 20, 2023.

Overview and Gameplay

Fire Emblem engage received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised the gameplay innovations, score and visuals but felt that the story and social sim elements were underdeveloped compared to its predecessor fire emblem: three houses.

Gameplay is similar to previous game in the series, but with the addition of emblem rings that allow units to fight alongside the lords of previous fire emblem games. Engage is set on the continent of elyos and features previous protagonists of the series that can be summoned as spirits called “emblems” with emblem rings.Alear, a divine dragon, is awoken from a one-thousand-year slumber to help defeat the fell dragon suborns by gathering the emblem rings spread across elyos.


One thousand years ago, the evil fell dragon sombron was sealed away by the divine dragon lumera, but during the fighting lumera’s child alear is gravely wounded and put into slumber. One thousand years later, alear finally awakens from their slumber and briefly reunites with lumera. However, alear as lost most of its memories prior to falling asleep and can only remember how to use its emblem ring which can summon the spirit emblem marth to assist them in battle. In addition undead creatures called corrupted begin to appear all across elyos signaling the return of sombron. Lumera’s castle is ten suddenly attacked by an army from the kingdom of Elusia who seek to revive sombron. The elusians manage to steal most of lumera’s emblem rings and lumera sacrifices herself to protect alear from a sorceress attack.

With lumera’s passing alear resolves to take up her mantle as the divine dragon and protect elyros. With their companions, alear ventures out and assists the kingdoms of firene and brodia against attacks from elusia, as well as recover several more emblem rings along the way alear also befriends a young girl named veyle. Alear eventually confronts king hyacinth of elusia, but fails to stop him from reviving sombron, who devours hyacinth.

Veyle then reveals se was the real mastermind behind unsealing sombron, as well as being is daughter and the sorceress responsible for killing lumera. She then steals all of the emblem rings alear and their companions possess allowing sombron to corrupt them to his side. Without the emblem rings alear and their companions are forced to flee for their lives. They are assisted by princess lvy of alusia who decides to join alear and gives them elusia’s two emblem rings.

fire emblem engage characters

Engage features characters and other content pulled from across past entries in the series. While previous title such as fire emblem awakening feature characters pulled from title set outside their specific world and canon as DLC or other bonus content engage is the first mainline series entry to directly feature characters from all proceeding core title in the central narrative since the second game fire emblem gaiden.

One thousand year ago, the land of elyos was besieged by the fell dragon sombron. Thanks to a group of powerful warriors utilizing the powers of heroes of other worlds. Sombron was sealed away .elyos enjoyed a millennium of peace but the seal holding back the fell dragon has begun to weaken.

Alear a divine dragon awakens from a thousand year slumber and becomes a central figure in combating the looming threat of forces attempting to free sombron. In order to accomplish this goal alear must seek out the twelve emblem rings, some of which are held by forces loyal to the fell dragon.

The continent of elyos is comprised of two separate landmasses”. The larger ring shaped landmass is divided into four realms, with firene in the southwest quadrant brodia in the northwest elussia in the northeast and solm in the southeast. In the center of tis ring is an island home to a fifth realm called lythos.

Still, there might be many questions in your mind about the fire emblem engage dlc .

When is the fire emblem engage release date ?

The initial release of the game was out on 20th January 2023.

Where to get information about fire emblem engage characters?

Below are the playable fire emblem engage characters :

Lythos:  Alear, Vander, Framme, Clanne.
Firene: Alfref, Celine, Boucheron, Etie, Louis, Cloe, Jeane
When you will post the fire emblem engage review ?

We will write a detailed review very soon.

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