Dark Souls rings and where to find them

Rings are equipment in Darkish Souls and Darkish Souls Remastered that present varied bonuses when geared up. Gamers can equip as much as 2 Rings, however equipping two of the identical merchandise will not be potential. It’s potential to stack related results, corresponding to combining Stamina regeneration between a hoop and the Inexperienced Blossom consumable.


The Darkish Souls Remaster model contains the DLC Artorias of the Abyss  gear as a part of the bottom sport.



Dark Souls Rings

Image & Name Effects Location

Tiny Being’s Ring
Maximum HP: +5% Starting gift
Reward: Siegmeyer of Catarina in Anor Londo

Cloranthy Ring
Stamina regeneration: +20%
Stacks with Mask of the Child.
Stacks with Grass Crest Shield.
Stacks with Green Blossom.
Location: The Great Hollow

Havel’s Ring
Maximum equip load: +50% Drop: Havel the Rock

Ring of Steel Protection
Physical defense: +50 points Location: Sen’s Fortress

Spell Stoneplate Ring
Magic defense: +50 points Purchase: Crestfallen Merchant for 15,000 souls

Flame Stoneplate Ring
Fire defense: +50 points Location: Sen’s Fortress

Thunder Stoneplate Ring
Lightning defense: +50 points Purchase: Crestfallen Merchant for 15,000 souls

Speckled Stoneplate Ring
Magic defense: +25 points
Fire defense: +25 points
Lightning defense: +25 points
Drop: Siegmeyer of Catarina

Bloodbite Ring
Bleed resistance: +400% Purchase: Oswald of Carim for 10,000 souls

Poisonbite Ring
Poison resistance: +400% Purchase: Oswald of Carim for 15,000 souls

Cursebite Ring
Curse resistance: +400% Location: New Londo Ruins

Red Tearstone Ring
Attack: +50% when health is below 20% Location: Valley of Drakes

Blue Tearstone Ring
Defense: +50% when health is below 20% Location: Undead Burg

Ring of Sacrifice
Lose nothing upon death
Ring breaks when used
Location: Firelink Shrine
Location: New Londo Ruins
Trade: Snuggly for Humanity
Purchase: Oswald of Carim for 5,000 souls

Rare Ring of Sacrifice
Lose nothing upon death
Death caused by curse will not take effect
Ring breaks when used
Location: Sen’s Fortress
Location: New Londo Ruins
Location: Lost Izalith
Trade: Snuggly for Twin Humanities

Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring
Magic damage: +20-26% depending on spell
Stacks with Crown of Dusk
Purchase: Griggs of Vinheim for 20,000 souls

Lingering Dragoncrest Ring
Magic effect length: +50%
Note: Does not increase miracles’ effect length.
Purchase: Griggs of Vinheim for 20,000 souls

Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring
Wearer makes no sound Location: Sen’s Fortress
Drop: Griggs of Vinheim

Dusk Crown Ring
Amount of sorcery castings: +50%
Maximum HP: -50%
Drop: Hydra (Darkroot Basin)

White Seance Ring
Attunement slots: +1 slot Location: The Duke’s Archives

Darkmoon Seance Ring
Attunement slots: +1 slot
Grants player entrance to Darkmoon Blades covenant at Anor Londo.
Location: The Catacombs

Ring of the Sun’s Firstborn
Miracle power: +20%
Stacks with Crown of Dusk/Dark Sun
Location: Anor Londo

Darkmoon Blade Covenant Ring
Allows Gwyndolin to summon one player to invade another player’s Dark Anor Londo. Covenant reward: Given upon joining the Darkmoon Blades covenant

Ring of the Sun Princess
Boosts miracle synergy Location: Obtained upon joining the Princess Guard covenant after speaking with Gwynevere in Anor Londo.

Leo Ring
Counter damage: +40% Drop: Ornstein

Wolf Ring
Poise: +40 points Location: Darkroot Garden

Hawk Ring
Bow range: +50%
Enhanced zooming: bows and binoculars
Location: Chest behind Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo

Hornet Ring
Critical attack (backstab, riposte): +30% Location: Darkroot Garden, on a corpse behind the gravestone in the boss area for Sif

East Wood Grain Ring
Lessens the amount of durability loss.
Note: Does not lessen durability loss when using a weapon’s special ability (i.e. dragon weapons’ two-handed strong attack).
Location: Purchased from Shiva of the East (Blighttown).

Dark Wood Grain Ring
Changes rolling action to a faster and wider one (ninja flip).
Only works when equip load is under 25% as of Patch 1.06
Drop: Shiva‘s bodyguard
Note: Need to be in Forest Hunter covenant for bodyguard to appear.

Rusted Iron Ring
Removes the movement speed penalty in water, poison swamp, tar, etc. Location: Undead Asylum (second visit)
Note: You need a special key to open a door before reaching the ring. See Undead Asylum for more information.

Covetous Gold Serpent Ring
Item discovery: +200 points Location: Sen’s Fortress

Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
Souls absorbed for each kill: +20%
Stacks with Symbol of Avarice.
Location: Tomb of Giants

Covenant of Artorias
Allows entering to The Abyss Drop: Great Grey Wolf Sif

Orange Charred Ring
Reduces lava damage
Adds fire element to kick motion
Drop: Centipede Demon

Old Witch’s Ring
Allows talking to Quelaag’s Sister
Note: Without the ring choosing to talk to her only prompts a “…?” response.
Starting gift
Trade: Snuggly for a Sunlight Maggot

Cat Covenant Ring
Allows Alvina to summon player to protect Darkroot Garden from other players
Note: Requires to be a member of the Forest Hunter Covenant to be summoned.
Covenant reward: Given upon joining the Forest Hunter covenant

Ring of Fog
Turns the player transparent making them un-targetable (but not un-hittable).

·         Note: As of Patch 1.04, users of this ring are targetable.

Covenant reward: Forest Hunter, rank 0, 3 kills
Trade: Snuggly for a Skull Lantern

Ring of Favor and Protection
Maximum HP: +20%
Stamina: +20%
Maximum equip load: +20%.
Breaks when removed
Drop: Lautrec
Trade: Snuggly for a Xanthous Crown

Ring of the Evil Eye
Absorbs 30 HP from every fallen enemy
Note: Does not stack on multiple kills.
Location: Depths

Calamity Ring
The player receives twice the amount of damage they normally would Drop:
Black Dragon Kalameet


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