City Island 5 Build City on Many Islands

City Island 5 is a City Building Game developed by Sparkling Society. You can land your airship on any one of Islands and start building the city as per your liking.
City Island 5
City Island 5

If you are a fan of city building games this game will get your nerves. This is a very addictive game and very easy to play, The simple gameplay keeps you engaged all the time. You can play for hours without getting tired or bored. You have to use your imagination power to plan a whole new city, you can make the big buildings, small residential buildings , Monuments, community buildings such as fire station, city hall, post office etc.

Game Overview

City Island 5 is a game developed by Sparkling Society. This game is not just about the city but you can explore the whole world with your airship. You can use your thoughts and imagination to design the city and let it flourish. In the beginning of the game you will be take to an Island with your airship.  You can start step by step with the help of startup tutorial. In no time you will learn how to build the buildings and roads and other stuff. Keep adding the road infrastructure and commercial buildings so that people living in the city have the jobs and you can earn money.

You need to complete the tasks to achieve the goals and complete the various game levels. There are number of Islands you can unlock them and make the buildings and roads there also.


There are four types of buildings available in the game. You can choose which type of building you need to build and then you can choose the right place for the building. Once the building is made you need to connect that building with the road so that cars can reach to the buildings. There are four type of buildings available in the game.

Residential Buildings:

These are the buildings where people live, there are many types like small house large houses, Apartment etc. Every building has its own capacity and it depends on how many people can live in the building.

Commercial Buildings:

The buildings are for business, there are many buildings from small cafe to big shopping malls. These buildings include Cafe, Bakery, Jetski, Banks, Shopping mall, Hotel, Resort and many other buildings. You can earn money with the commercial buildings which can be used to make more buildings.

Community Buildings:

The community buildings give happiness to the people of the City Island 5. Community buildings include post office, Fire Department, City Hall, Police Station Observatory and many other buildings.

Decorative Buildings :

These buildings include statute, ponds, parks, flowers, Tree house and others.

When you complete making a building you get some silver or golden keys. You can use these keys to redeem rewards like gold, money or some buildings which can be used in the game.

So what are you waiting for just download the game and start playing.

Below is the trailer of the City Island 5 Game.

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