Choo Choo Charles Train Horror Game

Choo Choo Charles is a Train Horror Indie Game developed and published by Two Stars Games. The player tries to upgrade the train’s defence by controlling a monster hunting archivist.
Choo Choo Charles Train Horror Game
Choo Choo Charles Train Horror Game

This game Choo Choo Charles is a Train Horror Game, the name reminds me of an animation cartoon Thomas and  Friends. As the name suggests the game is basically based on a running train. In 2022 Two Star Games developed and published Choo Choo Charles. Charles is a half train half spider thirty of the blood. The player of the game has to control him and make the train defence stronger.  The game is an open world  action game, and this is a very scary game. If you like the horror action games this is the right game for you. this could be extremely scary experience.

Game Overview

When you play Choo Choo Charles, your duty is to collect many important Items like maps, machine gun, shot gun etc and jump into the train.  One you do that the next thing is to shoot the scary spider train Choo Choo Charles and stay alive. Seems easy ? Nah.. it could be really very tough and scary. You have to make and execute your plan correctly to defeat the man eating train Choo Choo Charles.

What is Choo Choo Charles?

Choo Choo Charles takes you to an isolated Island where you play an old train. You explore the are among the forests , mountains and beaches. There is an evil clown faced monster train which is running on the loose, It is known as Charles. Your goal is to stop the train and destroy it. To do this you need to explore and collect the scrap and guns. To collect the needed items you need to complete the missions given by the humans. On completing the missions you get the needed items.

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