Call of Duty Black ops 3

Call of Duty Black ops 3 is a free-to-play battle Royale video game. The game was developed by Treyarch and published by Activision in 2015.
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Call of Duty Black ops 3

This is one of the most popular gaming treasures for gamers. Call of duty is giving an excellent experience to players which makes it the most popular play station game. So today take a deep look at the Call of Duty Black ops 3. Released in 2015 call of duty black ops ps 3 is a first-person shooting game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. Its the 12th entry in the series of call of duty video games. Its a sequel to the 2012 call of duty black ops 2 released in November 2015. It was released on Xbox one, plantation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

Game Play and Plot

Call of duty black ops 3 starts in 2065 exactly 40 years after the events of black ops 2 in which the world in is a lot of trouble due to climate change and new technologies. The game is designed that supports 4 players with very cooperative and smooth gameplay which provides more openness, a bigger plot and designs to give you a thrilling and realistic experience.
As the player’s character increased then he is able to do many activities and make his impact in the game. The game also contains a standalone zombie mode and a nightmares mode. In which all enemies get replaced by zombies which makes them very interesting as well as thrilling to play. The game also features a “ realistic difficulty mode in which a player gets defeated even hit by just one bullet.


Multiplayer has a new movement system that allows the player to perform slow boosts in the air. It also allows sliding and wall running. A specialised character system which is called specialists added in the game in which the player can choose from 9 different soldiers with different special weapons and abilities.

After that, as an update, a tenth specialist is added to the game named blackjack. Blackjack has the power of mimicking the abilities of other specialists. Blackjack is playable after completing a set of challenges and lasts for some time only.

The game is also playable in single-mode campaigns with different storylines, plots and threats. After the release of the game, the reviews from the critics came with some in favour and some pointed out missing things and things that the game lacked.
The game is praised for its gameplay, content and zombie mode which make call of duty black ops 3 the most popular game to play and enrich their experiences of gaming. Also, the game is criticised for the lack of innovation and story which is not holding or giving a high impact on the player but overall the positives of the game are more and also hide their lacking point very well.


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