Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and The Lost Demon

Once upon a time there was a young dreamed of becoming an elegant witch. She carried a stuffed toy possessed by a lost demon. The two of them ventured through a forbidden forest-one searching her a way to save her mother the other to find a way  home…

In bayone origins cereza and the lost demon players control cereza  a witch in training and her demonion companion Cheshire as they venture into a mysterious forest. In this action –adventure game the pair work together to defeat craft foes as they traverse a fairytale world brought to life with the lush painterly colors of a picture book.

Cereza is destined to grow up to become the most formidable fighter our world has ever seen .but before becoming a powerful witch she was once a young girl –reserved and a little bit of a scaredy-cat.

This game tells the tale of cereza’s adventure with the very first demon she ever summoned. What sinister surprises await them in the forest

Cereza uses magic, and Cheshire his demonic strength. Alone both would be lost but together they can survive anything the forest throws at them.

This is the first page of cereza’s story. Are you thinking your very first steps in to the realm of bayonetta series there may be Some welcome surprises awaiting you too…Discover the origin of a legend.

Bayonetta origins cereza and the lost demon   is a 2023 action –adventure video game developed by platinum games and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo switch a prequel to the bayonetta series it tells the story of the titular protagonist as a young witch named cereza.

Bayonets origins is set in Avalon forest where cereza is directed by a mystery being to find the white wolf

In order to save her mother who has been imprisoned because her mother and father had a forbidden relationship between a luminary sage her father and an umbral witch her mother .

Cereza father was exiled to a for off land and cereza’s mother was imprisoned in a solitary cell

Cereza takes comfort in visiting her mother every night her mother is sent to a deeper,darker cell

Wherecereza can not visit her.

It is up tofree ad save her mother….will she be able to as she explore/adventures through Avalon forest

Where  she team up and find friends to help her.

Bayonetta origins is an action – adventure video game play is slipt between the protagonist cereza,a fifteen-year old witch and Cheshire a demon bound to her stuffed toy. Both are controlled using

The right. Cheshire can be toggled between two unleashed mode he  grows to a large size and can attack enemies or obstacles while in hug mode he shrinks to toy form so that creeza can carry him and use him for various purposes.

The player must use creeza and Cheshire in conjunction in order to fight enemies and solve various environmental puzzles. In combat creeza binds enemies using spells while Cheshire attacks them. Cheshire can not die in combat but he may run out of magic when fighting when this occurs, creeza will need to pick him up in hug form to refill his magic before he can be used in battle again. Elemental cores throughout the game world can be broken to upgrade Cheshire’s abilities making the duo more powerful in battle and allowing them to explore previously inaccessible areas.

If you happened to read our bayonetta origins : cereza and the lost Demon preview a few weeks back you will know that after the first five chapters of the game we are pretty excited to continue our adventures through platinum games bewitching spin off from the main bayonetta series. We were impressed with its mix of gameplay mechanics and the enchanting atmosphere of the whole thing and it seemed to be building up to a jaunt through a forbidden forest with plenty of well-designed puzzles and battles that would build on what we’d already seen.

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