Avatars Saga a Myterious and Colorful Oriental World -Pre-Registrations Open now

Role Playing games are quite popular these days. Players enjoy these games as they feel they are inside the game and are playing the role of an important character. The newest game in this segment is Avatars Saga a Mysterious and Colourful Oriental World.
Avatars Saga a Myterious and Colorful Oriental World
Avatars Saga a Myterious and Colorful Oriental World

As the name of the game suggests, it is heavily inspired by the very popular  movie Avatar: The Last Airbender. This fantasy adventure RPG game is full of mysteries and colourful characters. You can choose your character, you can portray yourself as a kungfu master, a warrior ,  a swordsman or any other character. You can add more and more pets to join your party while searching for new forests , mountains or glaciers. All in all the the game  Avatars Saga a Myterious and Colorful Oriental World in every aspect. Pre-Registrations are open so hurry up and register now to get early access of the game.

Avatars Saga is already a superhit in east and now ready to start in the west. Pre-Registrations are now open for android and iOS users in USA, Canada, UK, Germany and France. make sure to register now to get all the game freebies with the release of Avatars Saga.

The game is so popular in southeast Asia that it already got the number one spot in the App Store. Gamers are so crazy about the game. It has already crossed the landmark of 10 Million players which usually  happens after the worldwide release of any game.

Game Story

To give you more idea of the game there are dense forests and icy mountains 100 years old glaciers with breathtaking views. The weather in the game keeps changing every now and then. You can easily fins the Pandas roaming in the forest, Dragon racing and much more. The story of the game is set as per the popular storybook oriental tales

Highlights of the Game

The game has many highlights we have listed here some of them.

  • Superb Grabhics
  • Dense Forest
  • Dragon race
  • Pandas
  • Bone Chilling Glaciers
  • Frequent Climent Changes

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