Atelier Ryza 3 : Alchemist Of The End And Secret Key

Gust’s long running atelier series has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years. its various recent appearance on switch in particular display a steely determination on the part of the Japanese developer to step up up with its JRPG franchise and make a concerted effort to rub shoulders with the big guns. In atelier ryza 3 : alchemist of the end & the secret key, it feels like it’s hit a new high serving up the best atelier adventure yet and a game that fans and newcomers to the series should find plenty to be delighted by.

For the most part the atelier series has switched out its main protagonist for each entry in this 27 years old franchise. however ryza whether due to popularity or as part of an overall plan finds herself helming her third outing in a trilogy that’s seen her grow from an innocent child stumbling into the world  of magic to well renowned and sought after alchemist we meet at the beginning of this final chapter . in affording ryza time to grow and develop over such a long arc and allowing her friends to follow and grow alongside her , gust has managed to imbue the narrative with an emotional depth not previously seen in the series and they really to dig into this aspect here.

There are plenty of surprises, returning characters and cameos for fans to revel in , lots of introspection and scenes where we see the little kids from atelier ryza : ever darkness and the secret hideout directly compared to the young adults they have become we are even treated to sepia shots of them together as they revisit locations from previous adventures. It’s a nice touch and it makes for a game that fans will feel immediately at home with. The old team is back and they are ready for a new adventure an adventure made all the more poignant because we know it will be ryza’s last as the main protagonist.

Taking place just one year after the events of its predecessor lost legends & the secret fairy , atelier ryza 3 kicks off with ryza lent bos tao and the rest of the crew jumping back into action as mysterious group of islands , the kark isles appear out of the sea close to their home . ryza has recently found herself compelled to craft a strange key whilst working at her atelier and it seems this key is related to a magical door at the Centre of these islands. And so another summer of grand adventures mysteries and friend begins. There’s another fine story here with the usual laid-back mix of elements that focuses on friendships learning, discovery and personal growth as much it does any threat emanating from the new islands our heroes set out to explore.

We are gonna spoil a second of the games’s roughly 40 hour campaign we will leave it for you to discover its surprises in your own good time, but needless to say it’s hands down the best atelier story yet and one that’s backed up by a beavy of meaningful mechanical improvements that have been introduced to the core gameplay. The changes brought to ryza 3 provide more thrilling exploration deeper item creation the best combat in the series to date and a world that’s bigger and more diverse than anything else in the franchise . not only has every aspect of the core gameplay loop been enhanced here but gust has also made it more approachable than ever with auto synthesis and all manner of helpful aids for players who’d rather take a bit of a backseat or don’t want to get bogged down in item creation that can be mind bogglingly deep if you go to town with it.

The story begins when a group of islands called kark isles appear near ryza’s the protagonists hometown. seeing this as a threat to their home, ryza and her friends investigate the isles and discover ruins with a huge gate. Just as ryza approaches the gate a strange voice echoes in her head telling her to reach the code of the universe. What is it that lies beyond the gate and what does the “code of the universe”  mean ? in hopes of finding a way to save their home, ryza and her friends set off on a great adventure that revolves around a key and the roots of alchemy.

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