10 Best Car Games for Android 2023

We have got you our list of 10 Best Car Games for Android in 2023. This list is not only based on high graphics and racing, we have taken in account the fun elements and gameplay apart from graphics.


We have tried to cover the 10 best Android Car Games which are not only good in graphics but also fun to play. Player experience is one of the important part when coming to play any game. We took the games full of  Adventure, Thrill and Joy so lets go through the list below.

CarX Highway Racing

Best Car Games for Android, CarX Highway Racing, Games mantra
CarX Highway Racing

As the name of the game suggests this game is focused on Racing on the Highways. In this game we race with the opponents on the various highways located in different countries like USA, Australia etc. As we progress and complete levels we get the rewards which we can use to purchase new cars and tune them as per our liking. There are more than 50 cars available including pickup trucks and hyper cars. The game has multiplayer mode which allows us to compete with players from all around the world and also participate in events to earn the extra rewards.

Hill Climb Racing
Best Car Games for Android, Hill Climb Racing, Games Mantra
Hill Climb Racing

This is a very addictive game. Those who have already played will accept this, those who didn’t this is a warning! for you. We can play this game Hill Climb Racing developed by Finger Soft Team for hours and we do not get bored. While playing the game our aim is to get the fuel can and climb as high as you can and collect the coins. We also need to avoid the obstacles so that the character is not injured. There are a large number of characters available in this game for you which you can customise and play. So if you are looking for this kind of game this is the one for you.

Horizon Chase

Best Car Games for Android, Horizon chase

Horizon Chase was one of the free Epic Games, many people many not know that an Android version also exists for Android mobile devices on Google Play Store. Game’s graphics are not very realistic but still are very good. This is because the game developers have designed this game as a tribute to classic arcade game. So this is nostalgic and ant the same time its bright and awesome.  This game has missions in many different locations of the world, it has real life icons personalities and also the events, and lastly it has daily challenges. There are lots of cool cars available to unlock in the game. You should give it a try once.

Nitro Nation
Nitro Nation, Games Mantra
Nitro Nation

This game is different from the other games mentioned in the list because this game has the concept of drag racing. We have to focus on manual gear shifts to defeat our opponents. This game has very good graphics and there are variety of cars from old generation coop to modern generation  super cars. One with the perfect timing and gearshift skills will definitely win the race. There is a lot of scope for modifications and tuning of the cars.

NFS No Limits
Best Car Games for Android,NFS No Limits, games Mantra
Need For Speed No Limits

EA Sports has made the No Limits as a dedicated free game for Android devices, game is available for  free download from Google Play Store. Earlier versions used to be paid but this version is free and EA has done lot of work on story line and new features like exotic car customisations and epic engine sounds.  This gives players a feel like they are physically present in the game.

Nascar Heat Mobile
 Nascar heat Mobile
Nascar heat Mobile

The game is mobile adaptation of Nascar Heat Franchise originally made for pc and game consoles. Nascar event actually is a big racing event organised in USA in which big car racers participate. It is one of the most popular racing events. In Nascar Heat we are a participant and we try to win as many races as we can. The tracks used in the game are famous licensed tracks. we can also expand our base where there are many facilities available for for car upgrades and modifications.

F1 Mobile Racing
Nascar heat MobileF1 Mobile Racing,Games Mantra
F1 Mobile Racing

Like Cricket and football there are lot of fans of formula one racing which are available in large numbers in India. F1 Mobile Racing Game is made for those Formula one fans who try to search the formula one tracks in mobile games. In the game we can take parts in events and online races with our customised formula one cars. There are official team cars also but you have to pay to use them but the free cars are equally good. We can have lot of fun and enjoyment while playing the game.

Asphalt 9: Legends
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Asphalt 9 Legends

Gameloft has started the Asphalt series in 2004 and now after so many years Asphalt9 Legends is the latest instalment from the Asphalt series. The game has new graphics and vehicles. There are lots of ramps on the tracks in this game which give you the thrill as the cars jump in the air every now and then. During the races cars are usually very fast because we have to use nitros regularly to compete with the opponents. If the opponent is going ahead of you you can even crash into the car and slow him down although this will slow you down a little as well.

Real Racing 3
Best Car Games for Android, Nascar heat Mobile,Real racing 3, Games Mantra
Real racing 3

If there is any realistic racing games available for mobiles, it is Real racing 3. I am saying this because the developer team has focused a lot on the physics and vehicle handling. Unlike Asphalt or Need For Speed in this game we can not drift and  turn in speed on curves taking nitros in front of the opponents. In fact we have to focus on breaking and acceleration so that we can drive error free. Best part is that we get access to almost 500 licensed cars from many racing franchises.  We can tune and paint the cars as per our liking.

DR. Driving
Dr. Driving, Games Mantra
Dr. Driving

There are some games which do not have very big footprint but they are highly entertaining. Dr. Driving is one such game which does not have very good graphics but it is pretty much enjoyable. If you are a teenager or early adult you might have played this game on your smartphone at some point. Many of you will agree with me that this is one of the best mobile car games available for Android devices. This is my opinion but it may change as per your age. If you are into very high graphic games you may not like it that much but believe me its one of the best car games I have played.

Thats our list of 10 Best Android car games.


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